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Hey everyone! I just received an email that someone sent a comment asking about rustling at night. Well here is what I would do. At night right after it happens, check if everyone in the household is asleep. Just to make sure they didn't do it. Also after you rule them out, try to find our where in the wall its coming from. After you do that, try to find a possible entrance to the wall where, "it" (brownie) can get in. If you find the entrance, then one night set out crackers with honey and flour right by it. If the next day the flour on the ground, table, etc. is swept up or has tiny prints, and the crackers are eaten, then there is a HIGHLY chance you have a brownie. Also you can leave out milk and the ingredients will be soon posted on my Experiences page. If this does not work, tell me! Thanks for visiting my site! I would also like to add, if you find my site, please tell me where you found thanks!

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