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         Hi, I'm Taylor and I have made this website for you to go back in time and see past events that made us what we are today. You may think time travel is impossible or high tech, but here, on this website, we do believe time travel is possible. Not where you take a machine and go back in time, but in your mind. For instance, a circle of pebbles can take you to the Stone Age or ash and thorn sticks being crossed can take you to the Renaissance time period. All you have to do is use your imagination. Your imagination can take you places, do stuff you never dreamed, and have the life you've always wanted.  I hope you don't learn what happened, but experience it!


     If you want to live the past you can visit a historic site and live what happened there and imagine yourself being there as well when it happened. For example just imagine yourself at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair, in the clothes of the time period, smelling the ice cream air, riding the Ferris Wheel, watching families have fun, and enjoying all the new things for the turn of the century. That is my goal for this website!