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 Just In, I have a request to find out when the first train started and where it went! I should have the information in soon! Okay well I have one question. What kind of train? The ones that was used in mines, or a locomotive? Also a freight train or a passenger? As soon I get the information for which one, I will start my research!

If you are still kind of confused of what I do, I'll explain.

Here I will let you send a suggestion on an important event in history, a time period, or a how things changed. For example, let's say you asked me to find out more information on the "Unsinkable" Titanic. Then on this page I would write down information on how it sank, how many people where on it, when it happened, and what it was doing. And I will also put in some extra information on what happened. Then I would post photos that I will try to find of the subject, which in this case is the Titanic. I hope you ask for new and exciting quests for me to do and I hope you join along.