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On the right is a dragon. More specifically a Old - World Wyrm. There have been educated guesses that this wyrm can leap in the air with great speed but can not fly. The tail of this wyrm is like a serpent and at the tip is fur like feathers. These are usually located in caves or mountains. They have fearsome teeth, deadly breath, vicious claws, and hides like stone. 


Here is a sprite. Commonly known as a Deep - Forest Sprite. They usually resemble bugs or flowers. This one is more likely to be hidden looking like a flower. Some healthy flowers that have stem or petals missing is due to a sprite using them at clothes or other reasons. I know someone that said they saw an insect that had features of a animal. More on the face and kind of resembled three types of sprites in the the field guide. (Will be noted below.) Not your normal everyday bug.


Right here is a boggart known as Thimbletack. Brownies turn into boggarts if it's owner take advantage of it, doesn't leave food out, disturbs it's nest, or leaves the place a mess. Brownies are clean attics and hope to get repayed for his cleaning service with food. Things such as broken tools and such is a sign of a boggart. To settle this creature down is leaving out food such as, honey on a cracker. Boggarts turn a color, not their normal skin tone. Like this one likes to turn an ugly shade of green to show that he's transformed into a boggart.


On the right is a brownie, also known as Thimbletack. Brownies are addicted to cleaning. If a Brownie is mistreated, for example, refuse to leave food out, take advantage of them, or mess up their nest, they will turn into a boggart. (As showed above) To keep the brownie from becoming a boggart, you must leave out food to say thank you for their maid service.


A giant is usually disguised as a big hill or a mountain in the distance. You really can't realize if a simple hill is a giant, unless you have the Sight. When they are sleeping they may not know their is a mortal or human walking upon him, Also if you take a close look in the field guide of a picture of a giant, you may see some birds on his back. This tells you that he might not be aware of it.


 A changeling is a descendant of a magical creature such as an Elf. A changeling usually takes form of a human child as an infant. An elf or sprites would leave the child at the door step of someones home, to take in as their own. Some changelings are left their and forget that they are from the Invisible World while others are left with something enchanted to remember they are special or different and eventually venture out to find their magical family and fake their death or disappear. Elven Changelings, such as this one, will stay at the appearance of a 12 year old child and won't age in look. They may be 200 years old and will still look 12. Before they leave to join their family, some changelings steal children as a brother or sister. To prevent this from happening, read on my Experience page.


Leprechauns are known for being from Ireland and is most commonly found on St. Patrick's Day. But leprechauns don't only live in the Emerald Isle. Leprechauns can live in variety of places. Most leprechauns live in meadows or in trees. But in the winter, most leprechauns find a home in cellars or basements, (especially if one stores food there.) Most leprechauns find in interest as a cobbler, tailor, creating tools, and even building houses. Usually when someone says leprechaun, they think of gold. Well leprechauns can be a bit of a trickster and hand you Fools gold instead of the real kind. Where most leprechauns have spent time, clover grow. Particularly, four - leaf clover.   

I will try to update this as soon as possible! Thank you for waiting!